Add-on Courses: Basic Animal Behaviour

Dear Prospective Student

Thanks for enquiring about the Add-on courses.
This needs a bit of explanation!

The Basic Animal behaviour course consists of four modules of which the first two modules are on the principles of animal behaviour.

These principles are applicable on all animal species and are therefore included as part of the curriculum of all the Basic Courses. The third and forth modules of the course apply the principles of behaviour of the specific species the student has enrolled for.

Students often are interested in enrolling for more than one of the species that we offer. In such instances a student should decide which of the four species they would like to do as their primary course for which they pay the full fee (R5900). For the other (second, third, forth) species the student then enrols for an’ Add-on’ course for which the fee is 50% of the full fee (that is R3000.00) per extra species. So, should a student want to enrol for the Basic Dog course and the Basic Cat course, he/she could choose to do the Basic Dog course as the primary course and the Basic Cat course as an add-on. The full enrolment fee for the two courses will then be R5900 + R3000 = R8900.00.
The registration fee for the Basic course + and add-on course (s) will be R3000 +R1500 for each add-on course.

For the Add-on courses the student receives the same study material and assignments as for the primary course. Students enrolled for an ‘add-on’ will also write the same exam paper as the students who are doing the course as their primary course and the same certificate is issued to successful students.
The student will also be invited to attend the seminar attached to the course. Please note that should you enrol for more than one species in the same year it will not always be possible to attend a seminar for each of the species as the seminar dates could overlap. Ask Dr Hurly (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) to advise on the best combinations.

An Add-on course can be done in the same year as the first or full course or any time after the student has completed the full course. A student can do one, two or three add-on courses in the same year.


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