Basic Animal Behaviour

Basic Animal Behaviour Courses

Learn and understand the basic principles of animal behaviour which will give you the skill to interact correctly with your pet. This course will provide a solid scientific foundation for those students interested in furthering a career in animal behaviour.

Ethology Academy offers Basic Animal Behaviour courses in four different companion animal species namely dogs, cats, horses and birds (Parrots).

These certificate courses all consists of four modules and stretch over one calendar year. Most of the students who enrol for this course work full-time and the courses are therefore designed to be done on a part-time basis. The Basic courses are essentially conducted through distance learning by means of Webinars. During the year 6 Webinars will be presented. The student is expected to take part in these webinars. They will be held on a week day evening, so that students that work full time can attend them.

Being a private company Ethology Academy is very flexible. As long as students communicate with us we are usually able to accommodate them in various ways should personal circumstances develop during the year making it difficult for them to continue with their studies and complete the course successfully.


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