Other Ethology Academy Courses

Grooming Business Course

In addition to the Animal Behaviour Courses Ethology Academy also offer the following Animal related courses.

Grooming Business Course:
The grooming businesses course is aimed at persons already working in the grooming industry, prospective grooms, kennel personnel and pet owners in general.  Attendance of practical workshops (a one day seminar in Pretoria and a two- day workshop in Johannesburg) is compulsory. Students will also be expected to do at least 40 hours of practical work in a grooming facility of their choice. The Basic behaviour course (dogs or cats) is strongly recommended before doing this course, but not a pre-requisite.

Animal Assisted Interventions Course:
The AAI course is aimed at persons who want to use animals to enhance the quality of life of people with disabilities/ chronic illness/ restricting physical circumstances. The curriculum includes aspects of human behaviour, theoretical foundations for human-animal interaction and the scientific support for Animal assisted activities.  Attendance of a three-day seminar in Pretoria is compulsory. The Basic Behaviour course (any of the four species on offer) is strongly recommended before doing this course, but not a pre-requisite.

Practitioners Course:
The Practitioners Course is the third year of study on dog behaviour. Students must have completed the Basic and Advanced dog behaviour courses. This course is aimed at behaviourists or students wanting to become behaviourists as well as veterinarians, veterinary nurses and animal technicians. People working in welfare and pet owners with a keen interest in behaviour will also benefit from this course. This course requires a fair amount of study time to complete. Attendance of two five-day seminars in Benoni in Gauteng is compulsory. The seminar attendance fee is included in the enrolment fee but excludes travel to and accommodation at the seminar. This course runs over 15 months, ending in March the following year.

Saddle Fitting Course:
The saddle Fitting Course is essentially done through correspondence with the compulsory attendance of a three-day seminar. Most of the students who enrol for this course work full-time and the course is therefore designed to be done on a part-time basis.

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