Founders of Ethology Academy | Prof. Johannes Odendaal

1946 - 2007

The late Prof. Johannes Odendaal has been described as a “born animal person”. He studied for a Bachelor’s degree in science, majoring in Zoology and Chemistry, and then qualified as a veterinarian. After 14 years of managing a highly successful practice, he joined the Faculty of Veterinary Science.

During this time, he obtained doctoral degrees in Veterinary Science (Zootechnology), Human Science (Psychology) and Veterinary Science (Physiology). Johannes Odendaal established the Department of Veterinary Ethology (animal behaviour) and also introduced Veterinary Ethology as a specialised field in Veterinary Science. He was also a Member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.

Untill 2006 Prof. Odendaal was a research and development professor in the Faculty of Health Sciences at the Tshwane University of Technology, Pretoria after which he founded Ethology Academy CC.

Some of his credentials in the fields of dog and cat behaviour and human-animal interaction include:

  • Founder and previous vice-president of the International Association of Human-Animal Interaction Organisations
  • Member of the International Society of Applied Ethology
  • Member of the Animal Welfare Committee of the World Veterinary Association

Prof. Odendaal has presented 46 international papers (22 times as an invited speaker) and more then 80 papers at national and local meetings, published 9 books and booklets as well as more than 100 articles. He presented radio programmes on companion animals for eight years and contributed greatly to the public media. The outline of Prof. Odendaal’s Veterinary Ethology course was published in the Journal of Veterinary Medical Education in the USA. Prof. Johannes Odendaal received immense recognition and a number of awards for his contributions in these fields.

In 2001 he was appointed visiting professor at the University of Missouri-Columbia, USA and in 2007 as visiting professor at the Czech University in Prague, Czech Republic.

During his lifetime, Prof. Odendaal published a number of books some of which can be ordered online via the ’Books’ page of this website.


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